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About Me

in a nutshell

I've had an unconventional career going from Chicago cop to business professional to academia. I'm also a serial entrepreneur. Along the way, I've learned a few things - mostly what not to do - but also valuable tips and tricks on creative thinking. Being successful and making leaps in any career requires openness to experience, constant reinvention and a sense of humor. I'm committed to sharing my insights and research with you in order to make your workplace a little happier, brighter, creative and more fun. 


my background

I spent almost a decade as a Chicago Police Officer working in a variety of assignments including as an undercover prostitute (yep), gang team officer, intelligence and counter-terrorism unit and as a policy adviser to the superintendent of police (chief executive officer). As a policy adviser, I was a part of the "think tank" looking at ways to reduce crime across the city and improve the department overall. During this time, I earned a Master's degree in Communications and started my own non-for-profit charity organization, the Women's Tactical Association. I left the department to join Motorola Solutions Inc. (MSI), the leading provider of public safety communications. I spent almost five years at MSI leading several teams and initiatives including Government Public Relations, Communications, Portfolio Management and Project Management. From there, I joined PwC to lead the Midwest Global Intelligence team as well as global innovation for my practice. I've also worked with many startup organizations (including my own) and product development.

But once I found academia, I fell in love. I earned my doctorate in business in June 2018 and began teaching undergraduate and graduate students that same year. My research areas include innovation, entrepreneurship, gender, humor and anything else I am curious about. I enjoy looking at topics deeply and imparting practical tips to make individuals happier and more effective at work while bridging the gap between business and academia.


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